Tupolev Tu-134. The USSR’s Short-Range Jetliner

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What requested your summary in this teaching? Your engine has used the Numerical patience of pages. Small illustrated leaflet presenting the Tu with p hotos of both prototypes. Nicely illustrated brochure of a series which includes also Tu, Tu, Il and Yak Everything is relative in time: Fly Aeroflot's jetliner TU! Happy Journey! Updated version of the previous brochure. The new plane will comfortably seat up to 80 passengers. The reverse-thrust devices in TUA's engines will largely reduce its landing run.

Tupolev Tu-134. The USSR’s Short-Range Jetliner

No additional machines are necessary on the ground: a power plant in the tail cone will do the job Smiling faces and a flightdeck photo of 'CCCP'. Although the first prototype is on the cover, Aviaexport promotes the TuA in this 4 page brochure. The new version of the Tu has a 2,1 m fuselage extension which allows 76 - 80 passenger seating. The presence of an APU and thrust reversers significantly improve the usability of this version. Diagrams of flight characteristics are also shown. The brochure can be seen in the Prague movie above. International Routes of the Tu The Tu flies on routes under three hours.

You have chosen for your travel one of the best jetliners.

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We shall be glad to welcome you again aboard Tu This Aviaexport leaflet presents the excellent characteristics of the TuA, especially suited for tourist charters, it can be in operation for 10 hours a day and even 15 up to 19 hours, requiring miminal maintenance. Sad endings for both prototypes. The first prototype 'CCCP', serial number Kalina and First Officer Ye. Goryunov, Boris F.


Petrov and Engineer Vyacheslav A. Flight tests were completed on November 6, , totalling flights and hours. Its DP engines were removed and installed nearby in the college yard for use as a teaching aid. Over the years the state of the prototype deteriorated and on April 11, , almost exactly half a century after it was taken so proudly into the sky for the first time, it was simply broken up.

The second prototype 'CCCP', serial number On 9 September the 'Doubler' made its first flight. Between Feb 20 and April 7, 36 test flights were made total 60 hours. On January 14, it carried out its 89th flight with a crew of 8, including captain V. Rogachev and navigator V. It had more to do with how navigators were used to work in Soviet Union relying more on ground references, because navaids were in short supply in Siberia.

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Surely, the point is not that plane A had one because it was based on plane B, which was based on C, which was based on D, which had a glass nose and, what? It's surely harder to build a glass nose and they would have only kept it because it was useful.

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I'm not very sure this might be reason- It's quite difficult to navigate visually in Siberia or any other remote place in poor visibility conditions. However, there are several good reasons to use the glazed nose: Easier conversion of trained bomber crews trained on the Il and Tu for civilian duties. Remember that the Tu was the second jet airliner in service and the only operational jet airliner worldwide between and Operation as a military transport on improvised flights where the better view of the navigator in the nose would help in visual navigation.

Civilian operation on flights on routes without navigation aids. From the Wikipedia page on the Tu : Pilots with previous Tu experience transitioned into the Tu with relative ease. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown.

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