The gilled mushrooms (Agaricaceae) of Michigan and the Great Lakes region

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A mycological color chart.

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Commonwealth Mycological Institute, Kew. Ridgway, R. Color Standards and Color Nomenclature. Published by the Author. Used by many authors of technical literature, but out of print and difficult and expensive to obtain second-hand.

Coprinopsis variegata

Romagnesi, H. Les Russules d'Europe et d'Nord d'Afrique. Scates, Kit, and Tina Gospodnetich. Scates, Kit. Shanks, Kris M. Tricholomataceae II Tricholoma.

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Sieger, Richard E. Singer, Rolf. The Agaricales in Modern Taxonomy 4th Edition. Koeltz Scientific Books, Koenigstein, Germany. Expensive but authoritative reference for world Agaricales with keys to genus level and lists of species without species descriptions.

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North American Species of Mycena. University of Michigan. This and Maas Geesteranus' work are the two standards on the subject. A Monograph on the Genus Galerina Earle. North American Species of Pholiota. The standard work on the subject. Smith, Alexander H The North American Species of Psathyrella.

A standard work. Evenson, D. Standard for these difficult species. Snell, Walter H. A Glossary of Mycology. Revised Edition. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Stamets, Paul.

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Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World. Comprehensive, interesting, detailed descriptions, good quality color photographs of most species. Stuntz, Daniel. Washington Hygrophori. Interim "skeleton key" to some common species of Inocybe. Thiers, Harry D. The Agaricales Gilled Fungi of California 9. Russulaceae I. Van De Bogart, Fred. Watling, R.

Kneebone Collection Materials

Source of some descriptions of species also found in North America. Gregory, P. Woo, Benjamin. Trial field key to the species of Russula in the Pacific Northwest - A macroscopic field key to selected common species reported from Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Alexopoulos, C. Introductory Mycology Fourth Edition. University level textbook. Kirk, P.

Cannon, J. David, and J. Standard reference that is useful as a dictionary and as a classification of all the genera in European style: Its classification has been followed here with some exceptions see Note on Taxonomy. Kendrick, Bryce. The Fifth Kingdom Third Edition. Mycologue Publications, Focus Pub. Classification and biology of fungi, entertainingly written at the university course level, with wide scope and a lot of interesting information. Flora agaricina Danica I-V. Pilt, Usak. Mushrooms and Other Fungi. Smith, A. Periodical Articles. Aanen, Duur K.

Kuyper, Teun Boekhout, Rolf F.

Phylogenetic relationships in the genus Hebeloma based on ITS1 and 2 sequences, with special emphasis on the Hebeloma crustuliniforme complex. Mycologia 92 2 : Aime, M. Catherine, Rytas Vilgalys, and Orson K. Miller, Jr.. The Crepidotaceae Basidiomycota, Agaricales : phylogeny and taxonomy of the genera and revision of the family based on molecular evidence. Akers, Brian P. Lepiotaceae of Florida, IV. Stenosporic species of Lepiota S. Ammirati, Joseph F. Nova Hedwigia 51 : Mycotaxon V 2 : Mycotaxon VII 2 : Cortinarii in Alaskan arctic tundra. In Arctic and alpine mycology, the first international symposium on arcto-alpine mycology.

Edited by G. Laursen and J. University of Washington Press, Seattle, Washington.

McIlvainea 6 2 : McIlvainea 8 2 : Mycotaxon 33 : Dermocybe Section Sanguineae in Northern California. Mycotaxon 34 : Ammirati, L. Norvell, T. O'Dell, M.

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