The Black Sea Environment

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Black Sea Becomes Turquoise

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Local environment The Black Sea is a unique marine environment. Specific biodiversity issues Among the coastal basins of the world's oceans, the environmental degradation in the Black Sea is thought to be the most severe. Category : Black sea.

Black sea, blue river, green mountains

It does not mean that it is called black sea then it is already colored black thanks to some oil leak. In fact, it gets a lot of inflow fresh water from surrounding areas every year so you can be assured you are going to be getting fresh water when you decide to swim in it.

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The Black Sea is the largest oxygen free marine system because of the amount of freshwater that comes and goes in it. In fact, there are some theories that sea creatures would live beneath the ocean. Some of them are dangerous while some are little ones.

Freediving - Weekend at the Black Sea

Until they are proven, those are merely theories. There is no harm in thinking of some things originating from the black sea though since a lot of people would listen to amazing theories.

Environmental Protection & Stewardship of the Black Sea

We have seen some wild theories about where the dinosaurs actually originated and how they became extinct but the truth is we will never find out the truth behind it. Within the last three decades the combination of increased nutrient loads from human sources together with pollution and over-harvesting of fisheries has resulted in a sharp decline in water quality.

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Black Sea Becomes Turquoise. At the time of publication, it represented the best available science.

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