The binding tie: Chinese intergenerational relations in modern Singapore

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Filial piety by contract? The Gerontologist 51 1 : 3— Chow, S. The impact of filial piety and parental involvement on academic achievement motivation in Chinese secondary school students.

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Asian Journal of Counselling 14 : 91— Accessed 14 March Croll, E. The intergenerational contract in the changing Asian family. Oxford Development Studies 34 4 : — Dai, Y. Filial piety: A cross-cultural comparison and its implications for the well-being of older parents. Journal of Gerontological Nursing 24 3 : 13— Feng, Z. Zhan, X.

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Feng, C. Liu, M. Sun, and V. An industry in the making: The emergence of institutional elder care in urban China. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 59 4 : — Fong, V. Stanford: Stanford University Press. The binding tie: Chinese intergenerational relations in modern Singapore.

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Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press. Hatton, C. Accessed 30 Oct Home Office. Immigration statistics January to March. Accessed 30 May Apply to join family living permanently in the UK. Accessed 15 October Hu, Y, and J Scott. Family and gender values in China: generational, geographic, and gender differences.

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Krettenauer, F. Fu-xi, and F. Reasoning about moral obligations and interpersonal responsibilities in different cultural contexts. In Morality in context , ed. Edelstein and G. Nunner-Winkler, — Amsterdam: Elsevier. Lee, E.

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A theory of migration. Demography 3 1 : 47— Lee, K. Gender, care work, and the complexity of family membership in Japan. Levitt, P. Conceptualizing simultaneity: a transnational social field perspective on society. International Migration Review 38 3 : — Ley, D. Millionaire migrants: trans-Pacific life lines. Li, C.

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Li, — Washington, D. C: Brookings Institution Press.

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Liu, H. An emerging China and diasporic Chinese: Historicity, state, and international relations. Journal of Contemporary China. Ma, Y. Wang, X. Sheng, and M. A study of the life and consciousness of contemporary urban family in China: A research in Beijing with comparison among Bangkok, Seoul and Fukuoka. Kitakyushu: Kitakyushu Forum on Asian Women. Mosneaga, A.