String Quartet No. 3 in D Major, Op. 18, No. 3 - Viola

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Where Beethoven becomes Beethoven is in the brief but suddenly dramatic swatch of development that rises to a pitch and abruptly halts with a complete breakdown of harmony and sound.

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As with both Haydn and Mozart at their best, Beethoven's "recapitulation" sustains the rich development and elaboration complete with a signature that would hold great store for Beethoven in the future: a significant coda. Beethoven's possibly overeager musical invention flows into the slow movement as well. A gentle, heartfelt lied suggests a simple song form but the andante has much more in store: a rondo with several contrasting episodes, each a point of departure in between "verses" of a soon familiar tune.

Beethoven, Haydn and Mozart all make passing appearances here.

String Quartet No. 3 in D Major, Op. 18, No. 3 - Ludwig van Beethoven

Mozart with his suave, accented delicacy, Haydn with his simple majesty and kind of ticking clock, and Beethoven with his brusque energy and his surprising depth of feeling arising within such a gentle context. The "Scherzo" is tidy in form and expression, agile and lively with its syncopated hiccup. An element of rustic folk dance is further intensified by a darker hued trio with its more sinuous almost gypsy-like folk fiddling.

A competent scherzo that is not quite as gorgeous as Mozart nor as inventive as Haydn, it satisfies the formal contingencies without broaching the revolutionary transformations Beethoven would bring to the form in future outings. Beethoven's finale sets the high water mark.

The first fiddle launches a blazing presto with a happy, almost laughing theme humorously similar to "The Mexican Hat Dance". Giddy, galloping, virtuosic and richly contrapuntal, the music weaves in and out of a rondo form, the second in the quartet, until the driving dance refrain splinters into fragmented developments that elongate tangents and defer resolutions in what feels like an uproarious Warner Brothers chase scene.

The perfect blend of sonata and rondo infused with a jovial wit points directly to Haydn right down to the last measures of this exuberant romp. With his first string quartet, Beethoven opened the door to untold riches ahead. All rights reserved. Radice Chamber Music.

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Ludwig van Beethoven Nationality : German. String Quartet No. Duration : 25 minutes approximately. Composed : age Published : age From Kai Christiansen. Archduke Rudolph Student Nationality : Austrian. Ferdinand Ries Student Nationality : German. Carl Czerny Student Nationality : Austrian.

Joseph Haydn Teacher Nationality : Austrian. Johann Albrechtsberger Teacher Nationality : Austrian. In addition, Greenberg is a sought after lecturer for businesses and business schools. This course was named in the January, edition of Inc. The Great Courses is the preeminent producer of college level courses-on-media in the United States.


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