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Safe & Sound feat. The Civil Wars (The Hunger Games: Songs From District 12 And Beyond)

Schedule e-mail time. The modern work culture would seem to suggest otherwise, but checking e-mail throughout the day is a huge waste of time, particularly as it serves as a constant distraction. Shut off notifications.

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Daily After Action Review. Borrowing a concept used by the military, Korpi suggests you set aside the last 15 minutes of each day to review:. Set a hard stop.

Safety and You: The Myths, The Truths and Where To Go From Here

Determine what time you will leave the office… and then stick to it. Study intentionally. Invest your time in learning how others have successfully overcome that feeling of being overwhelmed. Alberta laws require employers to protect employee health, safety and welfare in the workplace. Overview Workers under the age of 25 are more likely to be injured on the job than older workers. Learn how to stay healthy and safe on the job.

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Example What would you say? If you need me to drive, please provide me with an automatic car. If you send me to a training course on how to drive a standard, then I would be happy to drive a standard. What to say: Response: Wrong thing to say: Everything is going great. I will get to the next site by coffee break.

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Right thing to say: This site has very high weeds and when I spray them, the chemicals blow into my face. I'd like to wear the right personal protection equipment.

What to say: Response: Wrong thing to say: Sure, no problem. I will change the light bulb. We should find a better ladder before the light bulb is replaced. We cannot wait to come back soon. We only send volunteers and interns to places that are safe and politically stable. If they are not, we don't go. We carry out thorough risk assessments for all of our Projects, and have health and safety checklists for our staff to complete regularly. We also devise and train our staff on crisis management plans, so they know what to do if a problem occurs.

All of this is designed to give you and those who care about you peace of mind, so you can focus on enjoying you time abroad. Your physical and mental health is a top priority during your time with us.

EHS pros: Would you recommend a career in occupational safety and health?

Living and working in a completely new environment can be a challenge which is why we have employed an experienced doctor in volunteering travel and expeditions who is available to consult with you and your GP before you leave. This way you and your GP can discuss any health concerns and our in-house doctor will advise you accordingly so that you feel confident about your upcoming trip.

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But our medical service doesn't stop there. If there is ever an emergency or you wish to see a doctor while abroad, he will advise our local staff on the next best steps. Our doctor will also act as a link with our medical insurance company when required. We are there to take care of everything so that you can feel your best and achieve the best.

Tailor-made for volunteers over 50 who want to connect with others and make a difference in disadvantaged communities. Providing the gold standard of staff support so you can travel with peace of mind. We employ all our staff directly - we never use third parties or contractors We carefully choose our host families, to ensure security, comfort and friendliness We have whole teams in every destination, so if any problems or illnesses were to arise, there'll always be someone available to keep you safe and secure We carry out thorough risk assessments to ensure that all our project destinations are safe and politically stable We have an in-house medical advisor who is available to consult with you and your GP before you leave, so you can discuss any health concerns to make sure you're feeling confident about your upcoming trip.