Ieee Standard 802.16-2004 Wimax

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The WiMAX Forum does this by defining a limited number of system profiles and certification profiles. It should be noted that the mandatory and optional status of a particular feature within a WiMAX system profile may be different from what it is in the original IEEE standard. A certification profile is defined as a particular instantiation of a system profile where the operating frequency, channel bandwidth, and duplexing mode are also specified.

WiMAX equipment are certified for interoperability against a particular certification profile. The WiMAX Forum has thus far defined five fixed certification profiles and fourteen mobility certification profiles see Table 2.

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To date, there are two fixed WiMAX profiles against which equipment have been certified. These are 3. Completed December Completed June Frequency band.

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Fixed LOS. Fixed NLOS.

A Survey of Evolution of IEEE 802.16 Certification and Standardization

Fixed and mobile NLOS. MAC architecture. Point-to-multipoint, mesh. Transmission scheme. Single carrier only. Gross data rate. Channel band widths. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details.

A Survey of Evolution of IEEE Certification and Standardization | SpringerLink

Published on Sep 26, It describes wimax physical layer i. OFDM physical layer as per wimax It covers wimax TDD frame structure,transmitter Block diagram,fixed wimax modulation-code rate table and functions of each transmitter modules. It covers how data pass through physical layer modules which include scrambler,Reed solomon encoder,convolution encoder,puncturing, interleaver,data mapping data modulation , OFDM symbol formation, point IFFT , cyclic prefix CP insertion before baseband data is inserted to DAC and RF part to pump into the air.

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IEEE 802.16: Enhanced Modes of Operation and Integration with Wired MANs

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    Background on IEEE 802.16 and WiMAX

    Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. IEEE Description: Following figure describes wimax TDD frame, which is adopted by wimax forum.