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Even more baffling is the fact Jacob is still living in the house despite it allegedly being the scene of hundreds of murders and also a hot spot for the devil. An executive producer from the show, Brett-Patrick Jenkins, told one fan they had reported what the sisters told them to the police. We relayed what we were told to the authorities.

Artist Turns Parents’ Home Into Haunted House Straight Out Of A Tim Burton Film

The whole thing is shocking and emotional. No feedback from law enforcement. Hopefully the show adds pressure and leads to an investigation.

Anywho, the episode has people questioning whether the show is actually based on true stories or whether Netflix is just trolling us all. Was the police informed. I did a Google search and nothing. Hey Netflix are you really not even going to address the fact that TheSlaughterhouse episode of Haunted uncovers a serial killer who possibly killed and disposed of hundreds of people and how his nephew threw out the trophies that proves it?!

Netflix haunted ok saw episode 2 of haunted on Netflix apparently these are true stories. Wtf pic. Help me understand this. Netflix Haunted Episode2.

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So many ppl need closure? Also, burn the damn house! Okay, you know what Netflix?!? You lost me. Another, slightly more accusatory perspective might contend that Haunted used real interviews from genuine subjects and blurred the boundaries between artistic license and dramatization. Per a Twitter conversation with this reporter, the subject of Episode 3, Eryn McGarry, contends that her experience of being continually haunted by a specter since childhood is entirely true.

And then, there are those who say the show is entirely scripted. In other words, that Netflix just made it up. The occasionally stilted and unnaturally descriptive language of many of the interviewees raises an obvious red flag. Sure, perhaps this is just supposed to be a spooky Halloween show to give viewers fictional frights. Far away from the Haunted headquarters and all across the country are verifiable loved ones of cold case victims.

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And, if the "Slaughterhouse" story is true, it represents a string of genuine victims and families desperate to know what happened to them. We have a lot of people who are almost stuck in that moment where their loved one was killed and unable to move forward, waiting for something, anything, sometimes the smallest little thing to grasp onto with hopes of getting some kind of resolution. Moreover, Kenneth Mains, the Founder and President of The American Investigative Society of Cold Cases , stresses that the creation of false narratives can negatively impact the likelihood that a case will ever be solved.

Have our standards for entertainment dropped to a level where re-victimizing and creating falsehoods have become our standard for entertainment? When Mashable messaged with Eryn McGarry, the subject of "Demon in the Dark," Haunted 's third episode, one of her first concerns was harassment. In coming forward with her story of ghostly haunting for the Netflix show, McGarry knew she would face nonbelievers.

Haunted has put its subjects in a particularly precarious position, intertwining the facts of their lives with fiction. However, the backlash she received online is taking its toll. Not homicides. McGarry's story does not allege any victim other than herself; she recounts her lifelong experiences with a ghost she believes has stalked her since childhood. We're using cookies to improve your experience.

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Click Here to find out more. There were so many gaping holes and ridiculously improbably plot lines that I find it hard to believe the episode even aired. He has refused to speak with reporters on the record about the show, however. The stories happened to them.

Life doesn't always have a perfect ending. It's not always just about telling someone, but finding someone to listen. For now, know all the stories, including Slaughterhouse, are indeed, verified on multiple levels. Jenkins has also assured audiences that police were notified about the claims made by the episode's subjects amidst other vague statements about the ramifications of discussing the crimes. We relayed what we were told to the authorities. The whole thing is shocking and emotional. No feedback from law enforcement. Hopefully the show adds pressure and leads to an investigation.

A Haunted House Father Doug.

Slaughterhouse is real. It's too much to explain over twitter, but the truth is there, the powers that be know, and it's more shocking than you saw on the show.