Delamination Behaviour of Composites

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He has an international reputation for his research on the delamination behaviour of composites. Part 1 Delamination as a mode of failure and testing of delamination resistance: Fracture mechanics concepts, stress fields, strain energy release rates, delamination initiation and growth criteria; Delamination in the context of composite structural design; Review of standard test procedures for delamination resistance testing; Testing methods for dynamic interlaminar fracture toughness of polymeric composites; Experimental characterization of interlaminar shear strength.

Part 4 Modeling delamination: Predicting progressive delamination via interface elements; Competing cohesive layer models for prediction of delamination growth; Modeling of delamination fracture in composites: a review; Delamination in adhesively bonded joints; Delamination propagation under cyclic loading; Single and multiple delamination in the presence of nonlinear crack face mechanisms. Du kanske gillar. Delamination Behaviour of Composites av Srinivasan Sridharan.

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Application of cohesive-zone models to delamination behaviour of composite material

Given such advantages as low weight compared to strength and toughness, laminated composites are now used in a wide range of applications. Mixed-mode behavior, determination of interlaminar fracture toughness, fatigue characterization, delamination onset are treated next.

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The process of evaluation of strain energy release rates in two- and three-dimensional finite element analyses is discussed. Two examples of delamination prediction and their validation with test data are presented next. Finally, future work needed to achieve a fully mature methodology for use in design certification of composite structures is outlined. Consider a crack in a homogeneous isotropic linear elastic infinite plate as shown in Fig.

This line discontinuity with zero thickness and with sharp ends is defined as a crack. A crack can also be thought of as a limiting case of an elliptical hole with a major axis of 2 a and minor axis approaching a zero value. The two- and three-dimensional stress states are also shown in Fig.


Mode- I represents the opening mode of the crack faces, Mode- II represents the sliding mode, and Mode -III represents the tearing mode out-of-plane shear mode deformation. The elastic stress field around a crack tip has been well characterized and documented in research monographs and reference books see Paris and Sih, ; Parker, ; Broek, ; Ewalds and Wanhill, ; Tada et al.

The stress field in the immediate vicinity of a crack tip can be written as see Fig. The stress-intensity factors describe the intensity of the stress field and are a measure of the severity of the crack. The displacements u , v that correspond to the stresses in Eq.

Irwin argued that in a brittle material all the energy that is supplied externally is utilized in creating new crack surfaces as these materials undergo little or no plastic deformations. Substituting the stresses in Eqs. For cracks in orthotropic or anisotropic materials, a similar square root singularity exists at the crack tips.

The stress distributions are complicated and involve material properties see Paris and Sih, ; Tada et al. The stress-intensity factors and strain energy release rates are defined in a manner similar to the isotropic case.

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