Concerto in D Major, Op. 6 (Piano Part), Movement 1

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National Opera Center. Same program as in Zingghaus.

Inventory of Orchestra Music Libraries (IOML) – Orchestras Canada/Orchestres Canada

Thursday December 3 rd at pm. Sonata in g minor D op. Sonata in a minor D op. Sonata in A major D op. Baden bei Wien. Sonata in D major D op. James Presbyterian Church.

Hungarian Dance no 5 arranged by Martin Frewer. The Nordic Embassies Common Building. From My home based on five Folk-songs from North-Iceland. The Residence Building at Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. North Atlantic House in Odense.

Paganini Concerto No 1 in D Major, Op. 6 Adagio Part 1

Recitativo and Scherzo op. Meditation with J.

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Husby Church. University of Iceland. Duo Landon University of Iceland - concert series Wed. Strib Church, Funen Denmark. Tuesday April 8 th at pm Solo Violin: J. Selfoss Church. Mozart's Mannheim -Sonatas for piano and violin, written in Mannheim and Paris in Sonata No. Obsession from Sonata no.

The audience will at once experience an exceptional musical performance and savor exquisite alchemical potions, all inspired by the emotional fabric of each movement. Link to Press Release.

Version for violin and piano

Claude Debussy. July at Program.

Piano Concerto No. 6 (Beethoven)

July at Repeated 6. Quintet No. Winter Trees , written for and dedicated to Hlif in Atli Heimir Sveinsson: The Spring is here. Atli Heimir Sveinsson : The spring is here - premiere. April 18th at Solo violin concert in the church of Burgdorf by Bern, Switzerland, in the memory of Werner Gasser. Bach: Sonate no. Bach: From Partita no.

Bach: Partita no. December 19th at. Edouard Risler and Alfred Cortot. Jacques and Joseph Thibaud. Jacques Thibaud and Enescu piano , Paris Octet for Strings op. Geloso and Chailley Quartets, Paris Joseph Salmon. Salmon, Enescu and Colonne Orchestra, Paris Orchestral Suite No. Enescu and Orchestra Filarmonica Bucharest Enescu, Paris ? Two Romanian Rhapsodies op. Pennequin No. Symphony No. Alfredo Casella.

Colonne and Colonne Orchestra, Paris Dixtuor in D Major op. Salabert Sept Chansons de Clement Marot op. Dedications as following: No. Altchewski and Enescu piano , Paris Piano Quartet No. Paris Salabert and E. Enescu and Orchestra of the Ministry of Education, Bucharest Ion Filionescu, Bucharest Muzica, Supplement No. Orchestra of the Ministry of Education and its conductor, Dimitrie Dinicu.

Enescu and that orchestra, Bucharest String Quartet No. Flonzaley Quartet. Enescu, Nottara, Popovici and Ochialbi, Bucharest Salabert year? Stradivarius Quartet, Boston Oedipe op. Finished piano reduction Marie Rosetti-Tescani Maruca Cantacuzino.