Cinemas Sinister Psychiatrists: From Caligari to Hannibal

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Cinema's Sinister Psychiatrists: From Caligari to Hannibal by Sharon Packer (Paperback, 2012)

Packer interweaves film history with psychiatric history, highlighting cinematic portrayals of psychiatrists who embodied critical issues faced by the field of psychiatry, such as deplorably run asylums and involuntary treatment, during various periods in the past century. Perhaps the quintessential sinister psychiatrist discussed by Packer is Dr. Hannibal Lecter, the star of five films to date, including Hannibal and Silence of the Lambs. The films portray Dr. Lecter as a psychiatrist who severely mistreats his patients, for example, by using a combination of drugs and hypnosis to convince his patient in Hannibal a pedophile receiving court-ordered treatment to cut off his face and feed the flesh to the dogs.

For Packer, screen psychiatrists are not created from imagination alone.

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Luther, who successfully treats a housewife Eve with multiple personality disorder. Yet he proved to be more dangerous — and presumably more deranged — than his patients.

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And now conducts illicit studies on island inhabitants, as Dr. The House on Haunted Hill remake taught us that as did academic texts, newspaper articles and TV specials about escaped war criminals.

go to link Download PDF sample. By Sharon Packer Movie heritage is merged with psychiatric historical past seamlessly, to teach how and why undesirable depictions of brain medical professionals especially hypnotists ensue in early movie, lengthy earlier than Hannibal Lecter burst upon the scene.

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Rated 4. Outside of theology, evil remains a highly relevant concept in contemporary times: evil villains in films and literature make these stories entertaining; our criminal justice system decides the fate of convicted criminals based on the determination of their status as "evil" or "insane.

Covering screen media such as film, television, and video games; print media that include novels and poetry; visual media like art and comics; music; and political polemics, the essays in this book address an eclectic range of topics. The diverse authors include Americans who left the United States during the Vietnam War era, conservative Christian political pundits, rock musicians, classical linguists, Disney fans, scholars of American slavery, and experts on Holocaust literature and films.

Le Cabinet Du Docteur Caligari, Robert Wiene (1919) [FILM ENTIER]