Brody: The Triumph and Tragedy of Wrestlings Rebel

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Bestselling in Professional Wrestling

They just kept coming. After every tag team match their opponents looked like they were about ready to pass out from exhaustion, while Stan and Frank looked like they were out for a Sunday morning stroll. These guys were like machines that never tired. I always thought the Road Warriors or a younger Steiner Brothers were the best tag teams ever, but Stan and Bruiser Brody are the best in my mind.

I also heard negative stories about Frank. It seemed that few really knew the truth or wanted to know it for that matter.

Fascinating Biography Of Bruiser Brody, Wrestling Legend

I took about 6 months to devour anything on Bruiser Brody so I could answer these questions. Well that is false. Well Frank found out quickly they made him very sick so he stopped using them. On a trip home from Japan Larry Matysik explains in his book that Frank crumpled and collapsed on the airplane saying that he thought he was dying. He felt that steroids were destroying his body so he stopped cold turkey in He never used steroids again and he was never that ill.

Boy does Brody get destroyed online for this one.

Posthumous award honoree Larry Matysik

Not even 2 years into his career, he was given a steel cage match with Bruiser Brody. It was hard for wrestlers to watch because Luger had the reputation for being pretty self-absorbed and some thought he was no where near good enough yet to get such a push. Bobby Heenan explained that Luger went up to Brody and started telling him how the match should be played out, which incensed Brody.

Brody told Luger they would just call the match in the ring. Luger looked like he legitimately got scared and left the ring; quickly; and immediately exited the arena.

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When Bruiser said nothing about it, the media and fans said Bruiser was just being a selfish jerk. For an inexperienced and arrogant wrestler to tell a legend like Frank how the match was going to go was extremely disrespectful in his mind. In December of the same year, Luger had obviously changed his tune and Frank sold for him at a match in Lakeland, Florida. Brody lost to Lex by being counted out.

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MANY wrestling fans go by rumors and do little research. There is a pattern. Bruiser lost only to people that were on his level. He even lost to Brian Blair once when he was leaving a territory and no offense to Brian but does anyone think Brian could beat Brody? How many times did Hulk Hogan lose? Not many. Because he had full control over his matches AND if he lost more often, it would kill his character. Many said Frank was loved by wrestlers but hated by promoters.

Bruiser knew what he was worth and he had the power. Everywhere he went he packed the houses and he made a ton of money for a lot of people. Few other wrestlers were as popular as he was or had the courage to stand up to promoters like he did. I heard a few podcasts from wrestlers that ripped on Brody for being selfish by not losing matches or selling. Are you kidding me? Time also enhances these rumors. Steve Austin often clashed with WWE about the direction of his character. Once he just went home.

Frank was just way ahead of his time. If Brody was so nasty to deal with, why were the promoters lined up to get him to come wrestle and why were wrestlers glad that he was around? Because he made them more money! The reason was that they were fair and professional and they paid him properly. That was just who he was. Some celebs and athletes need cameras around any time they do anything nice, but not Frank. He loved kids and they loved him, and he was very gracious to his fans.

He supported many wrestlers and taught them the ropes. In some matches that he won, he also at times let the other wrestler beat the heck out of him to help get him over too. He was far from an angel though. He could nasty and bully you if you were on his bad side that is for sure. Was he looking out for himself? Sure he was. But, in reality he was so popular that if he was on top, everyone got paid.

Just like iconic names like Hogan, Flair and Andre, few wrestlers at the time could draw world wide like Frank could. Spring forward 2 years. I happened to see the daughter of Mr. S at the Corte Madera, Ca Safeway. We were both excited to see each other. She sadly told me that her father had died recently and she was selling his house. He loved wrestling so much and he and his friends reconnected. He watched so many matches on the internet and was so happy to regain memories that he cherished. My children also helped so much. His last two years were very happy.

That night I was relieved and glad to hear Mr.

What Really Happened To Bruiser Brody

S had some happy times and was out of pain. I thought of him running to Bruiser with his wife and friends like kids as Brody entered the ring, and I laughed out loud. And for a new fan like me, I found out that Frank Goodish; one of the greatest wrestlers of all time; was also a great man out of the ring. This is something that his wife Barbara and his son Geoff; along with loyal fans from around the world; have already known for a very long time.

If there was ever a wrestler who fans felt so much love and sympathy for it was Chyna. From doing a pedigree off of the top rope against Chris Jericho, to gorilla pressing wrestlers like Eddie Guerrero. Chyna was indeed the 9 th Wonder of the World. Chyna was trained by Killer Kowalski. Luna Vachon; another wrestling great; tells the story of this big weight lifting woman. She was so adorable with her sweet personality. I remember at times she got screwed out of her pay and I made sure she was paid what they said.

At times I even gave her some of my pay because they took advantage of her.

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  6. She was very naive. He had always liked his women to be the Barbie doll types; still does ; big chests and pretty faces. WCW was fresh and exciting. One of their angles was to sign Chyna as the only female member of the newly formed N. The rest is history. Chyna was unlike any female wrestler before or since. She was a weight lifter and a gym rat and her work outs rivaled many of the male stars of the day. She usually just sat back with her arms crossed looking intimidating, while DX did all of their classic bad boy stuff. Many of the male wrestlers were very leery of letting a female get the best of them in matches thinking it would hurt or ruin their careers.

    In however, Chyna became the first female entrant of the Royal Rumble by being chosen 30 to enter the match. She was eliminated by Stone Cold Steve Austin. It was obvious she would destroy the likes of Lita, Ivory and Trish Stratus she beat Trish in 90 seconds but this is wrestling. Many said she refused to sell other wrestlers moves and that she became mean and seemed very insecure and troubled.

    Here is the last video that Chyna ever did on April 17 th from her Youtube page. No offense to any female wrestler or wrestling fan of today, but I smile wide when fans try to tell me how awesome female wrestlers of the WWE are.