Blood Splatters Quickly: The Collected Stories

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Edward D.

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Wood, Jr. A renegade by any estimation including his own, he was the author of Orgy of the Dead, Killer in Drag, Devil Girls, Death of a Transvestite, and many other novels and short stories. He enlisted in the Marines after the attack on Pearl Harbor, and purportedly later stated that he feared being wounded more than killed because he wore a bra and panties under his uniform. He died in at age She was going to send him to the cemetery.

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He knew that from the moment he saw her flying at him, that knife gleaming over her head. Sure, Johnnie had screwed the neighbor broad right through.

Blood Splatters Quickly: The Collected Stories

Stella had been so right about that. She had flown across the kitchen floor at him screaming her bloody head off… screaming like a wounded eagle. She was screaming as if all the devils of hell, the creatures from the grave, had entered her very being. It was not even her own voice.

She had screamed at him before… many times before… but there was never the sound of panic, despair, horror in those tones… if the sounds could even be called tones. All he remembered about that moment, except the terrifying utterances that gaping mouth made, was that gleaming butcher knife, raised so high above her head and it was coming in his direction… the high-pitched scream… the gaping mouth… the saliva-dripping tongue and lips… the red… bloodshot red eyes which suddenly seemed to have no eyelids… simply blood-red eyes in dark sockets… never blinking…and that black negligee trailing out behind her like sheer bat wings on a heavy breeze.

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She had turned into a white-fanged black devil, with but one motivation left in life… to vent her own fury through her arm and electrify the knife and stab it into him. It was only the knife and the red of her eyes which stood out in his mind, hypnotizing him from the very outset. There was nothing he could do other than react in kind. The werewolf… the monster… the devil himself. It was the only emotion he could conjure up in that instant.

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There could be no rationality to such a situation. It had to be a spur-of-the-moment action. The fury of the winged bat was charging at him with a force and speed which left nothing but reactions and reflexes… and….


Noelle Q. Blood Collected Stories is her first book of short fiction. De Jesus' characters inhabit a world of regret, loss and unfulfilled longing. In these works, there is as much said in the silences and ellipses, as there are in the fraught, perfunctory exchanges. This is a book of 21st century global experiences of love and disconnect, tradition and change.

From Manhattan to Malaysia to Manila, de Jesus delivers a luscious sense of place and a compelling narrative voice that makes you want to read straight through to the end.

Blood Splatters Quickly: The Collected Stories of Edward D. Wood, Jr. | Ed Wood | First Edition

De Jesus is a writer of poignancy and grace. In Blood, she tackles lengthy pieces that explore the intricacies of domestic lives, as well as fast fiction glimpses at moments almost too fleeting to render yet she does. With humour, warmth and insight, she skilfully inhabits voices both young and old, from speculative fiction to snapshot portrait, tied to their home country yet drifting into ever stranger crevices of the world.

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  4. Underneath the stories is a faint current of remorse, of missed opportunities and blown chances, sometimes warmed and balmed by forgiveness. Thematically cogent, these stories are about the lives of the displaced — displaced of home, of generation, from both modernity and tradition.

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    By turns, her voice will recall the graceful confidence of Maugham, the seedy but undeniable arch morality of Greene, the disorientations of Faulkner and the matter of fact elegance of Mansfield.