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But the equations also show that these photons can only be emitted opposite to the direction that the atom is traveling, which will cause the atom to accelerate. In other words, the atom doesn't just start to rotate, it also speeds up in the direction of its motion.

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Indeed, on the face of it, all friction appears to have vanished, which seemed unrealistic. To obtain a realistic result, the researchers had to abandon the standard approach of assuming a local equilibrium between the atom, the light fields, and the plate. Instead the researchers, in their calculations, required that the velocity remain the same. For that to happen, an external force has to be applied to overcome the frictional forces. The resulting calculation shows that the total frictional force on the atom is reduced but does not vanish entirely.

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This is a bit analogous to the difference between sliding and rolling friction. You can slide a tire along the road surface, but the frictional forces that resist sliding are much greater than rolling. It is kind of remarkable that the friction experienced by an atom moving close to the surface of a metal plate will also be reduced by rotating.

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That, however, is nothing when you consider that the atom is rotating in the wrong direction—well, wrong compared to what we expect if it were a car tire. Imagine, if you would, that the tires on your car were spinning backward, but the car proceeded forward quite happily. To make their calculations a little more concrete, the researchers identified the forces and accelerations for specific combinations of atoms and metal surfaces.

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That is pretty close to the limits of our current ability to measure acceleration in single atoms. In the end, directly measuring the atomic rotation may be easier. The rotating atom has to emit photons with a frequency that corresponds to the speed of rotation, which is about 25MHz e.

Single photons at 25MHz are hard to detect, but a steady stream of atoms might emit enough radiation to let us pick it up. Assuming that the calculations and later experiments work out, I still don't know what these results mean.

The concept of an atom rotating is very fuzzy and ill-defined. It is also possible to wake up with the spins if you do not throw up. You got back home after drinking and laid on your back in your bed.

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You roll over on your side, but you feel like you are still spinning over and over in circles. You then lay on your back again to minimize the spins and stare up at the ceiling and it feels like the room is traveling.

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